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Yes, 'Artista el Café' actually means 'The Art of Making Coffee'.

Making, or maybe better, creating the best coffee is, like many other products.., an Art. It is not only growing the 'bushes', harvesting the beans and roasting them! It is also the selection and grinding, to make the coffee ready for the final step,....
'dripping' into....the Cup. It would be great, if it's yours?

Like fruits and vegetables, there are many different types of coffee and that begins already with the place they grow and the bush itself. It takes a lot of time, knowledge and passion before you finally get the quality you are looking for.

Coffee from Artista el Café comes from different Countries and Places. Most of them are small villages in the mountains with family owned 'finca's or 'farms'. Farmers who learned 'the Art of Making Coffee' from generations before. Coffee with their own 'identity', special characteristics and that is just were the 'Coffee Lovers' are looking for!
Why? Coffee, is so much more than just 'an early morning' drink!

Strong Couples....

There are combinations in life that you should not take apart. You know them yourself? Breaking the 'link' can have major consequences. In the photo I am standing between coffee bushes and banana trees. I was born and raised in Indonesia, among the bananas. Now I live, sometimes on Bonaire, also in Colombia in the middle of coffee and ..., yes, bananas! Coffee bushes cannot do without shade. They have large leaves themselves, but also need the large banana leaves. They belong together and are a strong couple. Just like me and my coffee ... There are couples you should not take apart .. ...

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