"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

I a use this famous saying from Arthur Ashe, because there are dreams that don't come true the way you want them to. Not even if you have the privilege of having a business on one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, Bonaire. Bonaire is not only known as a diving paradise, but also famous for the Sea Salt, and it was precisely that beautiful product that I started with.....

Why? It is local, authentic and natural. I started designing and making products for tourists and restaurants, and because of that, I became Mister Saltman.

Many visitors to Bonaire are very loyal and locally interested people. For these reasons, I got more and more requests for shipping Bonaire Salt to the US.

"Unfortunately" I have a second passion and privilege! I'm "addicted" to Coffee, and have my 'homebase' in Colombia ... Yes. I am blessed and more than thankful for all of that. However....shipping coffee from Bonaire is not an option! But, after a lot of investigation and hard working, we will be ready soon for ordering your favorite coffee online and direct shipping from Colombia!

Artista el Café, the art of making coffee 


So, here we are, another dream will come true ..., your favorite daily 'treat' is now available online, with a few clicks on your tablet or smartphone!